Angela Merkel closes her Facebook page as she plans end to political career

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced she would close her Facebook page Friday as she continues to plan the end of her political career.

In a video posted on her page, Merkel said she no longer needs the account since she is no longer leading the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).


“Today is the day on which I would like to thank you for all your support of my Facebook page,” she said. “You know that I am no longer CDU president, so I will now close my Facebook page.”

Merkel has announced that she will not run for another term when her current one ends.

She has deflected questions about what she will do after her retirement.

Closing a page with 2.5 million followers has driven speculation that whatever Merkel does she will do as a private citizen.

The chancellor added that the public can get updates on her work from the Facebook page of the German government.