China calls Huawei security risk claims a 'double standard'

China calls Huawei security risk claims a 'double standard'
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China on Monday said the U.S. is engaging in "double standards" in claiming that Chinese technology giant Huawei poses a security risk. 

The U.S. has warned other countries against using Huawei technology, saying that Huawei has the ability to spy on citizens and that Chinese law requires Huawei to provide the government with information on foreign clients, according to The Associated Press.


Spokesman Zhang Yesui told the AP that the U.S. has taken Chinese law out of context and that the law is meant to “protect human rights and the lawful rights of individuals and organizations."

“This kind of behavior is interference into economic activities by political means and is against World Trade Organization rules. It disrupts an international market order that is built on fair competition,” Zhang said.

“This is a typical case of double standards that is neither fair nor ethical," Zhang added.

Huawei has faced increased scrutiny in recent months from countries including the U.S.

The Trump administration, which has banned government use of Huawei products, is also said to be considering banning U.S. companies from using Huawei equipment.

Additionally, a Huawei executive, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested last year in Canada at the request of U.S. officials, who alleged Meng violated trade sanctions.