Google teams up with John Legend for voice cameo

Google is teaming up with singer John Legend and will offer the singer's voice as a narration option on the company's virtual assistant system.

The internet giant announced in a tweet Wednesday that users would be able to access Legend's voice for a limited time by requesting the Google Assistant on their Google Home system "talk like a Legend."

"Today, we’re passing the mic to John Legend as he makes a cameo as the newest voice on your Google Assistant. Just say 'Hey Google, #TalkLikeALegend,'" the company wrote.


In a video accompanying the post, Legend performs a number of Google Assistant tasks, such as forecasting the weather and playing music for users.

When prompted, the system responds in Legend's voice, saying: "Hi, John Legend here. I lent my voice to your Google assistant so you can hear me do things like answer your questions, brief you on the weather and tell jokes while the regular assistant voice handles the rest. Let's have some fun."

Google wrote in a blog post that Legend's "silky smooth voice" can answer users' "pressing questions" or sing "Happy Birthday" to them. 

Legend, an avid supporter of left-wing causes, will be one of the speakers at an upcoming House Democratic retreat in Leesburg, Va., along with his wife, model Chrissy Teigen.