Videos of New Zealand mass shooting still on Facebook, Instagram: report

Videos of New Zealand mass shooting still on Facebook, Instagram: report
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Partial videos taken from the livestream of last month's mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, are reportedly still appearing on Facebook more than 30 days after the company said it had taken down the Facebook Live video recorded by the suspect in the deadly attacks.

A Motherboard investigation published Friday found that short clips depicting the murder of multiple civilians still appear on Facebook as well as the company's Instagram platform, some of which have been flagged for violent content and contain warnings about graphic violence but have otherwise not been restricted or removed.


All of the clips found by Global Intellectual Property Enforcement Center (GIPEC), which reported the videos initially, were on Arabic-language pages discussing the attack, which killed dozens of Muslims worshiping at two mosques in the city.

A Facebook spokeswoman told Motherboard that the videos are against company policy, and one video provided to Facebook by reporters was later removed from the platform.

“The video did violate our policies and has been removed. We designated both shootings as terror attacks, meaning that any praise, support and representation of the events violates our Community Standards and is not permitted on Facebook,” the spokeswoman reportedly said.

GIPEC founder Eric Feinberg called on Facebook executives to rethink the company's artificial intelligence and human moderators in the wake of the attack, pointing to a failure of the company's content moderation team to track down all of the attack videos and delete them.

“That these horrific videos posts which are over one month old are still appearing on Facebook and Instagram documents that Facebook needs to re-think its AI and human moderators,” he said.