Facebook fined for underreporting complaints in Germany: reports

Facebook fined for underreporting complaints in Germany: reports
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German authorities reportedly fined Facebook for $2.3 million for underreporting complaints of illegal hate speech. 

Germany's Federal Office of Justice said Tuesday the social media platform had misrepresented the amount by only tallying a certain category of complaints, Reuters reports.

Germany's network transparency law requires social media platforms to report the number of complaints of illegal content they receive, The Associated Press noted, adding that violations include anti-Semitic insults and content designed to incite hatred against people based on religion or ethnicity.


Facebook reportedly said it received 1,048 complaints related to illegal content on its platform in the second half of 2018. 

But officials claimed the amount was much higher. 

“It is quite clear that Facebook’s community standards do not correspond to the standards of the law,” Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht told reporters, according to Reuters.

A Facebook spokesman told the news service that the company wants "to remove hate speech as quickly and effectively as possible and work hard to do so.”

“We are confident our published ... reports are in accordance with the law, but as many critics have pointed out, this law lacks clarity,” the spokesman added.

The Hill reached out to Facebook for additional comment.