Twitter corrects Kwanzaa emoji after complaints from users

Twitter corrects Kwanzaa emoji after complaints from users
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Social media users raised concerns this week after Twitter temporarily used an inaccurate emoji for its Kwanzaa hashtag.

The initial emoji appeared to show the Kinara with an inaccurate number of candles, as well as inaccurate colors.

Kwanzaa began Dec. 26 and takes place over seven days. The traditional Kwanzaa candelabra is called the Kinara and includes seven candles. Each candle represents one of the seven principles that's celebrated for the holiday, and each is placed in a symbolic color order to represent the Pan-African flag. 

The initial emoji showed five candles, including one that is blue. The actual Kinara has three red candles on the left, a black candle in the center, and three green candles on the right side. 

Following complaints, Twitter updated the emoji.


In a statement to The Hill, Twitter said the emoji was "an error" and was quickly corrected with changes appearing globally within hours of the updated emoji being uploaded.


Twitter did correctly tweet about the principles on their accounts amid the emoji mixup.


Despite some criticism, the emoji was also widely celebrated.


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