Spotify unveils playlists for pets

Spotify unveils playlists for pets
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Spotify on Wednesday announced a playlist generator specifically for users' pets.

The music streaming service’s “Pet Playlist” website presents users with five options — cats, dogs, iguanas, birds or hamsters — and asks for a rough overview of the animal companion’s personality traits, with the option to upload a picture and the pet’s name.

“There is something uniquely special about the relationship we humans have with our pets — it’s one filled with unconditional love, licks, snuggles, and cuddles. It’s hard to put into words the emotion these animals give us — other than pure happiness,” the service said in an announcement. “So it’s only natural that we want to make them feel good, too, and many pet owners believe they do exactly that with music.”


The streaming service did not offer details about the algorithm used to create the playlists, but the generator appears to factor in the human user’s listening history as well and, in some cases, adds songs that include the name of the type of pet in question, according to The Verge.