ABC News to add more live programming to streaming service

ABC News to add more live programming to streaming service
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ABC News is adding more live news programming to their online streaming services.

The company will be launching "ABC News Live," according to a report from The Associated Press.

The network plans to hire about 50 journalists and increase the hours of live news programming it broadcasts on its website and mobile apps.


The service will begin with ABC correspondents Tom Llamas and Linsey Davis covering breaking news from the Iowa caucuses as well as hosting separate newscasts.

"I think this is the moment of greatest transformation for ABC News since the time of Roone Arledge," said ABC News President James Goldston, according to the AP, referencing the iconic network executive. "You will see a transformation that will be like the birth of cable."

ABC will face tough competition from cable news networks that have their own apps, as well as newer online outlets such as Cheddar, the report notes.

Goldston said the focus would be providing news coverage and less on talking heads or commentary.

"People want to watch raw, live news," Goldston said. "They often prefer not to have the commentary. For a lot of people, the cable approach is off-putting."