FTC reports huge jump in coronavirus-related scam complaints

FTC reports huge jump in coronavirus-related scam complaints
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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced Tuesday that consumer complaints related to the novel coronavirus have surged recently as the pandemic has worsened.

The agency says it has received 7,800 such complaints since the beginning of the year, double the amount reported as of last week.

The fraud complaints include fake vacation reports about cancellations and refunds, mobile texting scams and government imposter scams.


Consumers in complaints related to the coronavirus reported losing $4.77 million, with a median loss of nearly $600.

Scammers and grifters have taken advantage of the uncertainty around coronavirus to trick people with fake treatments, phony donation drives and false warnings.

The campaigns seek to get individuals’ personal information, which they can then use to steal funds.

The FTC has recommended consumers to hang up on robocalls, ignore offers for home test kits and diligently fact-check information.