Apple unveils blueprint to safely reopen stores

Apple unveils blueprint to safely reopen stores
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Apple on Sunday announced its plan to safely reopen stores shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Twenty-five locations will reopen in the next week in California, Washington, Florida, Colorado, Hawaii and Oklahoma, while another 10 will reopen their doors in Italy and 12 will reopen in Canada, USA Today reported, adding that the tech giant will follow local health guidance for each location.

Apple said all customers will have to wear face masks before entering the stores, and masks will be provided to any customers who do not have their own. Customers will also be required to agree to temperature checks before entering. 


Some stores will offer only curbside or storefront pickup while customers will be asked to wait in line at other stores if they are over capacity. The locations in California and Washington will offer curbside service exclusively, the company noted.

“The response to COVID‑19 is still ongoing, and we recognize that the road back will have its twists and turns. But whatever challenges lie ahead, COVID‑19 has only reinforced our faith in people — in our teams, in our customers, in our communities,” Apple head of retail Dierdre O’Brien said in a statement.

“Down the road, when we reflect on COVID‑19, we should always remember how so many people around the world put the well‑being of others at the center of their daily lives. At Apple, we plan to carry those values forward, and we will always put the health and safety of our customers and teams above all else,” she added.

The company had previously reopened some stores in Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama and Alaska, according to The Verge, and will continue to provide updates on reopenings through its Find a Store tool.

The company added that it could not rule out closing locations again if an area sees another spike in coronavirus infections.