Twitter exploring employer badges, 'undo send' button for paid subscribers

Twitter exploring employer badges, 'undo send' button for paid subscribers
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Twitter has reportedly begun the process of surveying users about potential features as part of a paid service, including items such as an "undo send" button and badges to identify individuals' employers.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra shared screenshots of the survey, which asks "What would you be willing to pay for?" before providing some options.

One such option includes an "undo send" button to allow users to recall a tweet up to 30 seconds after sending it. Twitter currently offers no ability to edit or recall a tweet after it is sent, but users can delete a tweet.


Another possible feature involves badges to identify a user's employer, such as for journalists.

"You get a badge(s) on your profile that links you to businesses you own or work for," the survey says. "Example: A journalist can have a badge showing the magazines they write for."

Those surveyed are asked to rank the options from most to least important, including "canned responses to select from for faster replies," job recruiting features, custom stickers and hashtags, and fewer or no ads at all, among others.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said in an investor call last week that he has "a really high bar for when we would ask consumers to pay for aspects of Twitter."

"We want to make sure any new line of revenue is complementary to our advertising business," Dorsey added.