Sir David Attenborough joins Instagram because 'the world is in trouble'

Sir David Attenborough joins Instagram because 'the world is in trouble'
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British ecologist and nature documentary host David Attenborough joined Instagram on Thursday and likely broke the record for fastest gain of 1 million followers on the platform, reaching the target in just a few hours.

Attenborough's account currently contains just one post, a video message shared early Thursday morning explaining that his videos on the account would focus on identifying major issues threatening the environment and their respective solutions.

"As we all know, the world is in trouble," Attenborough says in the video. "Continents are on fire. Glaciers are melting. Coral reefs are dying. Fish are disappearing from our oceans. The list goes on and on."


The 94-year-old documentary host, who is followed by more than 1.4 million people, likely now holds the record of shortest time to reach 1 million followers on the platform, though Instagram representatives did not immediately confirm that record had been broken. The previous record was held by Jennifer Aniston, who reached the mark in five hours and 16 minutes.

His arrival on Instagram coincides with the Wednesday release of the trailer for his latest documentary work, "A Life on Our Planet," due to drop on Netflix early next month. Representatives for the movie confirmed that they were assisting Attenborough with his new account in a caption accompanying the video.

"Social media isn’t David’s usual habitat so while he’s recorded messages solely for Instagram, like the one in this post, we're helping to run this account. In case you’re wondering, ‘we’ are Jonnie and Colin and we worked with David on A Life On Our Planet," stated the caption. "So, as well as sharing the messages he’s recorded especially for this account we’ll also post some exclusive clips and behind the scenes content."