Facebook to give users more control over what is in their newsfeed

Facebook to give users more control over what is in their newsfeed
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Facebook is launching features to give users more control over the content that appears in their newsfeed, the company announced Wednesday

Facebook’s new Feed Filter Bar, a menu that will appear at the top of the News Feed, will allow users to more easily access a tool to rank content chronologically as opposed to algorithmically.

By choosing the “most recent” filter, users can see the newest posts appear first. The new tool offers a more accessible way for users to switch to a chronologically sorted News Feed.


The new filter bar will also let users choose a “favorites” option in the shortcuts menu, building off the “favorites” tool Facebook launched in October. 

The “favorites” option lets users prioritize posts from up to 30 friends and pages they choose. Posts from the selected favorite accounts will appear higher in the user’s News Feed and can be viewed as a separate filter. 

Facebook said the Feed Filter Bar is available for Android users and will be available in the iOS app in the coming weeks. 

Moreover, Facebook said it is expanding its “Why am I seeing this?” page that aims to give users more information as to why content was suggested in their News Feed. 

The updates come as Facebook faces increasing pressure over its content moderation practices and its algorithm. 

In addition to the changes that grant more control of the News Feed, the social media company also announced a feature that will give users more control over who comments on their posts. 

The new option lets users choose if the public can comment on their posts, friends, or just the profiles and pages mentioned in the post.