Facebook's Zuckerberg lets more employees work remotely

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is giving more of his employees the option of working from home, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on Sunday.  

Facebook said in a memo to employees obtained by the Chronicle that "anyone whose role can be done remotely can request remote work." 

Zuckerberg said in a separate memo obtained by the Chronicle that he expects half of the company's 60,000 employees to work remotely within the next decade. 

"It's clear that COVID has changed a lot about our lives, and that certainly includes the way that most of us work," Zuckerberg wrote. "Coming out of this period, I expect that remote work is going to be a growing trend as well."

Zuckerberg said he himself plans to work away from the office for half of 2022 and added that he's able to spend more time with his family by working from home, allowing him be "more productive" and "happier."

"I've found that working remotely has given me more space for long-term thinking and helped me spend more time with my family, which has made me happier and more productive at work."

This comes as Facebook plans to reopen at full capacity in October. Employees who aren't granted permission to work remotely will do half the time in the office, according to the Chronicle.  

Facebook, one of the world's largest social media platforms, has opened new offices in the California cities of Burlingame and Sunnyvale in 2021. The company also leased an office in Manhattan.