25 percent of adult Twitter users responsible for 97 percent of posts: study

A new study from Pew Research Center found that 25 percent of U.S. adult Twitter users are responsible for 97 percent of posts in the country.

The 25 percent of Americans with the most tweets tend to have more political profiles and are more likely to say Twitter has helped them be more politically engaged in the past year. One in five high-volume tweeters say they check the app too many times to count in a day. 

High-volume tweeters are less likely to believe the civility of discussions on the app is a major problem and are twice as likely than less-active tweeters to experience abusive behavior, according to the study published Monday. 

The study found overall in the U.S. 25 percent of people polled now use Twitter, with a majority of American users saying misinformation is a major issue on the site.

However, 46 percent of users surveyed say Twitter has made them more aware of current events and 30 percent are more politically engaged due to the app.

Among the 25 percent of high-volume tweeters, most receive little engagement throughout one month, with an average of 37 likes and one retweet. 

Differences in opinions on Twitter vary between Democrats and Republicans on whether the app has been good for democracy. 

The study found 60 percent of Republican Twitter users believe the site is bad for democracy, compared with 28 percent of Democrats. 

Around half of Democrats say the site is good for democracy, with only 17 percent of Republicans agreeing.