Republicans tell FCC chief to tread carefully with net neutrality proposal

“The FCC bears the responsibility to prove a market failure, especially since its 2002, 2005, 2006 and 2007 decisions on cable modem service were predicated on the notion that the broadband market nationwide is competitive and that regulation is unwarranted,” the letter said.

Last week, the FCC said in its broadband plan status report that the total investment needed to deploy high-speed broadband throughout the nation would likely fall between $20 billion and $350 billion.

“Network neutrality rules would make it harder, not easier, for such investment to occur,” the letter said. “A one-size-fits-all Internet where every entity must provide the exact same levels of service and that costs consumers more on average for slower speeds and less innovation will not be very competitive. Nor will it serve consumers well or draw much investment for further improvements.”

The group of members also said the FCC “will need to address where in the Communications Act you find jurisdiction to impose any new regulations.” They asked Genachowski if he intends to examine the cable, wireline, wireless, satellite and broadband over power line as 
separate markets or as one larger market.

The letter follows a separate letter sent Friday by Republican House leaders to President Barack ObamaBarack Hussein Obama4 ways Hillary looms over the 2020 race Obama goes viral after sporting black bomber jacket with '44' on sleeve at basketball game Obama attends UNC-Duke basketball game MORE outlining the potential negative effects of net neutrality regulations.