Cyber Monday: Another reason to debate net neutrality

It's Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year.

And that's reason enough to think about the openness of the Internet, writes Marvin Ammori, telecom law professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and net neutrality advocate, on HuffingtonPost this morning.

He writes:

For years, a debate has raged in DC over whether phone and cable companies should be allowed to block, discriminate against, or otherwise interfere with users' access to everything online...

But let's not forget that an open Internet supports American business. Any company, or person, can sell any products online without permission. Any person can go to any site--not one with a special deal with the phone or cable company--to buy any gift for any loved one.

It's for business reasons that net neutrality proponents include Amazon, EBay, Sony, Google, and Expedia. It's why top venture capitalists argue that, in the 21st Century, investment in new businesses and entrepreneurs--and therefore job growth--rests on net neutrality.