Microsoft, Google snag meetings with Obama

FCC Chair Julius Genachowski is certainly one of the most frequent visitors to the White House. But as Ars Technica reports, private sector executives have little problem getting appointments with the president.

"...Google and Microsoft have both done well at getting into the White House. Former Microsoft boss Bill Gates even snared an intimate audience with President Obama back in March 2009 when only three other people were present. Steve Ballmer made three visits over two days to members of the Obama technology team. And Microsoft exec Craig Mundie put in an appearance. Not to be outdone, the Googlers dropped by too. Alan Davidson, the company's chief lobbyist, stopped by the White House in March. Vint Cerf had an appointment with US CTO Aneesh Chopra in September. Google CEO Eric Schmidt was at the White House four times in 2009, and though he managed two visits with the POTUS, both were in larger groups than the Gates get-together."

One interesting observation: Apple representatives didn't seem to appear in the White House visitors logs. Despite its dominant position in the consumer technology market, the company keeps a very low profile in Washington.

The current logs only go through October.