revisions coming on Wednesday

The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board announced it would meet its Wednesday deadline to correct stimulus information available on .


Those forthcoming corrections mark something of an accomplishment for the Recovery Board, which has fielded both lavish praise and harsh criticism for its handling of the federal government's inaugural, open-source data hub.

The new reporting policy arrives response to earlier allegations that attributed jobs created and dollars spent to congressional districts that did not exist. A similar concern arose in early 2010, when bloggers thought the site was reporting that federal aid had been dispatched to "phantom zip codes."

However, the White House clarified in both cases that the errors were mistakes in transcription by stimulus recipients, not the federal government's overseers. Recovery Board officials later corrected the data and promised to implement a host of new checks to ensure those errors did not plague stimulus data submitted later in the year.

Part of that plan included a new mechanism that would allow recipients to make corrections to their data after it had been submitted -- the policy that will go into effect on Wednesday.

Previously, those who received federal stimulus cash had 20 days to correct their award reports; now, they can make edits on the previous quarter's data regularly. Those edits will be posted every two weeks, Recovery Board officials said.

The complete reports themselves will also be timestamped, Arvidson told The Hill.

While Arvidson could not provide more information about what those changes might be -- or how it would affect the White House's estimates of the recovery act's effects -- she did offer praise to her colleagues for finishing the project in time, despite the snow storm's near-crippling effect on the city.

"We're glad we've been able to get this out at all," she said.