Kerry: Google will force others to 'step up'

Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) said Google's plans to build trial super-fast broadband networks across the country will let communities "step up" and "show America what is possible."

Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, and the Internet, has been supportive of net neutrality and is the first lawmaker to release a statement on Google's announcement.

“Google is not the only company with the know-how and capacity to build this kind of network, but somebody had to go first," he said. "Maybe network providers with different ideas for what is possible will step up as well.  Either way, we may finally see in America what a first class, neutral platform can mean for unleashing innovation, strengthening community institutions, and generating economic activity."

He added:  "I believe in the power of big broadband pipes over which people are free to innovate and deliberate and will be watching this experiment carefully. The lessons we learn will have implications for the implementation of a national broadband plan and whether or not we are doing enough to push the development of our communications infrastructure.”