GOP Valentine cards could pose security risk

This year, Republicans may be tempted to show their valentine how much they care with an e-card emblazoned with the face of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid or Al Franken.

There's even an option to send a cheerful card with the White House crashers smiling with Joe Biden. The caption: "Everyone's Invited this Valentine's Day."

Or share an ACORN-themed greeting: "We'd Like to Help You Set Up a Tax-Free 'Romance Business.'"

Better yet, Sen. Mary Landrieu says: "For $300 Million in Taxpayer Money for Louisiana, I Sent You This Valentine."

The GOP Valentine's Day Cards site was paid for by the Republican National Committee.

But card-senders beware -- observers on Twitter have warned that the site could be fertile ground for fraudsters looking to harvest a slew of e-mail addresses for spamming purposes.

A more secure site would ask for a verifiable e-mail address before asking visitors to enter the e-mail addresses of 50 of their closest friends.

A humorous e-card probably isn't worth exposing your e-mail account to malicious "spambots" that can hijack your account and send spam to your entire address book.