Goodlatte says he’ll lead House GOP on patent reform

When asked about his primary concern for any legislation Goodlatte said the patent process is better at handling drugs and other products that use single patents, but less equipped to deal with technology products that often incorporate dozens or even hundreds of patents.

He added that the USPTO doesn’t use enough technology to ensure products are unique and worthy of a new patent, making the process slow and cumbersome.

Goodlatte also said his committee will examine the White House’s recently unveiled national wireless initiative from a competition standpoint to ensure the government’s funding for expanding broadband access doesn’t discourage private sector firms looking to provide wireless service to rural areas.

Goodlatte appeared unpersuaded by the administration’s proposal to fund
the national wireless plan using spectrum auctions and indicated that
any “massive new expenditures” would be scrutinized closely in light of
the current difficult fiscal climate.

However, he echoed the president’s comparison last week between the potential of nationwide broadband access and the creation of the transcontinental railroad during the mid-19th century, predicting that expanding access to rural areas could stem the migration of young people to major cities.


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