Pew study: Republicans say media is biased, Democrats prefer news with a point of view

Independents--the largest political group in America today with 34 percent of adults-- are more likely than Democrats or Republicans to say they want certain topics to get more attention from news organizations. Independents say they want more coverage of science, health and medicine, their local communities, U.S. domestic policy and international news.

This was among the results of the Pew Research Center's study on the changing news environment released today (see previous post).

Political ties tend to determine the preferred point of view of the media coverage, the study found.

Liberals and Democrats are more likely to say big news organizations do a good job on subjects that matter to them, while conservative and Republicans are the group most likely to see coverage as biased.

News seekers without strong political ties (i.e. Independents) are also more likely than partisans to want their news reported straight, without a particular point of view.

Republicans and conservatives were found to be disproportionately likely to seek out news sources that match their own views.

By contract, Democrats and liberals are more likely than other groups to seek out news that either supports their own views of differs from their own views, as opposed to seeking out news coverage that has no particular point of view.

Democrats and liberals are most likely to get news from:
    --a news organization or individual journalist they follow on social networks, such as Facebook
    --the Twitter posts of individuals who are not journalists and organizations other than major news organizations
    --the websites of international news organizations
    --websites of radio news, such as NPR
    --news podcasts from NPR and the New York Times

Republicans and conservatives are more likely to make daily visits to websites of major TV news organizations. They are also more likely than other online news users to use just one or two Internet news sources on a typical day.