Three tech groups: Cybersecurity bill could prove too bureaucratic

Certifying cybersecurity officials, as the bill prescribes, could "be conceived in a way that is too bureaucratic and burdensome," the groups wrote. They added those rules could harm the two senators' goal of "improving our cybersecurity workforce."

Additionally, the creation of a set of "best practices" for network security could slow down private innovation, especially if federal regulators fail to work "rapidly," according to TechAmerica and ITIC.

That, they added, "could have the unintended effect of hindering the development and use of cutting‐edge technologies, products, and services, even for those that would protect our critical information infrastructure."

Consequently, both associations asked for revisions, though they stressed they "strongly supported passage of legislation that helps to improve the security of our Nation’s critical information systems and networks."  

"The technology industry commends you for your continued efforts on such an important area as cybersecurity," they added. We support many of the goals of this legislation and look forward to continuing to work with you as it advances in the Senate."