Dell disputes India's claim that it may revisit business in China

Still, if true, Dell's business shift would only be the latest in a series of blows tech companies have dealt China recently, in part out of frustration over the country's unclear and sometimes abusive Web, intellectual property and legal rules.

Google this week signaled it would begin phasing out its search business in China, following a months-long standoff between company executives and Beijing officials over the source of a January cyberattack. Ultimately, that move has reignited the debate over China's strict Web censorship rules, especially on Capitol Hill.

Similarly, the world's largest domain-name provider, GoDaddy.com, announced Wednesday it would cease servicing new .cn Web sites in China. The company's decision to retract its business arrived in response to Beijing's new requirement that domain-name holders provide personal information to the Chinese government -- a restriction GoDaddy.com fears may pose risks to its customers.