Google's China portal now featuring once-banned Twitter posts

Google's newly unfiltered Chinese search portal now displays select Twitter posts, in clear defiance of Beijing's long-standing ban on the social-networking site.

Some of those tweets touch upon taboo topics, including methods by which users can circumvent China's aggressive firewall, according to The Los Angeles Times, which first noticed the changes. 


Google on Thursday also published an explanation of its decision to change its China search policy in a blog post fully translated into Chinese.

The post mirrors Google's announcement earlier in the week that it could no longer comply with Beijing's Web restrictions, following a January cyberattack on the company believed to have originated in China.

Ultimately, both moves are likely to infuriate officials in Beijing, who are already apoplectic with Google's decision to circumvent its censors by redirecting users to its unfiltered Hong Kong page.

Users in China this week have reported erratic access to many of Google's reassigned pages, as Chinese censors seek to regain control of content once restricted by its so-called "Great Firewall." But Google's move Thursday could prompt state leaders to take further action against the search company, which has previously said it would leave China's search market altogether if necessary.