Google mobile service access spotty in China

Google's mobile phone service remains partially blocked in China on Monday, though it remains unclear what the source of the spotty access might be.

Company executives have so far declined to offer reporters an explanation for its recent disruptions, which it first announced on a page it erected for users to monitor its service status in China.


However, the search giant's ambiguity has nonetheless prompted many to question whether the partial block stems from Google's decision last week to cease censoring its search results in China.

Google shuttered its Google.cn webpage this month in response to a cyberattack company executives believe originated at two Chinese schools.  As predicted, the move has invoked the ire of Beijing's leaders and forced some Chinese companies to reconsider their contracts with the U.S.-based search company. 

China's largest mobile phone company -- China Unicom -- even went as far as to drop its deal with Google last week, perhaps out of fear that officials in Beijing would penalize them for using the company's Android operating system.