Google, Intel, others posting uptick in profits in Q1

Three top tech firms posted impressive profits in the first quarter of 2010, promoting some investors and experts to predict that the technology sector will soon emerge from the economic downturn.

New releases this week show Google experienced a 37 percent jump in profits in just the first three months in 2010, while Intel Corp. witnessed a 44 percent uptick in growth. Chip manufacturer Advanced Microdrives Incorporated, meanwhile, realized a record 34 percent increase in revenue, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

A handful of other companies also regarded as industry bellwethers have yet to publicize their earnings.

Those numbers arrive in tandem with a similar positive shift in investment, which is up 14 percent this year. Venture capitalists have also poured more than $4.7 billion into 671 companies in the first three months of 2010, but that actually marks a 14 percent decrease since the fourth quarter of 2009.