Genachowski reiterates 'unwavering commitment' to open Internet

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski pledged his "unwavering commitment" to a "free and open Internet" today during a public workshop on the topic in Seattle.

He specifically called out Comcast's traffic throttling, which ultimately led to a court ruling that cast doubt on the FCC's ability to impose net neutrality rules.

"And it was just a few hours south of here on the I-5-in Hillsboro, Oregon that Comcast's secret blocking of lawful Internet traffic was discovered -- by an engineer and former police officer who loves barbershop quartets and simply wanted to share lawful music clips with others.  That experience and others made clear that an Internet in the dark runs too great a risk of becoming a closed Internet -- with substantial costs to our ability to lead the world in innovation and freedom."

"...The recent court decision was, of course, an unfortunate development.  But it has done nothing to weaken my unwavering commitment to ensuring that the free and open Internet is preserved and protected."

Check out the video below.