Google to invest 3 billion euros into data center expansion

Google to invest 3 billion euros into data center expansion
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Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Friday said in a company statement that Google will invest 3 billion euros, or about $3.3 billion, to expand the company's data centers across Europe over the next two years. 

The move brings the company's investment in European internet infrastructure to $15 billion since 2007. He said the company's expenditures would include 600 million euros to increase the presence of its data centers in Hamina, Finland, in 2020. 


Following the company's recent announcement on its largest purchase of renewable energy, Pichai said in the statement that almost half of the megawatts will be produced in Europe, through 10 renewable energy projects.

The projects will include a wind project in Belgium, five solar energy projects in Denmark and two wind energy projects in Sweden. 

The CEO met with Finish Prime Minister Antti Rinne on Friday and also said he would be joining a roundtable with stakeholders from across the Nordic countries

"We look forward to partnering with governments and other stakeholders in the months and years ahead. Together, we can make sure every European benefits from a strong and sustainable digital economy," Pichai said in the statement.