Google fires four workers for violating data security policies

Google fires four workers for violating data security policies
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Google fired four workers Monday for violating the company’s data security policies.

The fired employees participated in “clear and repeated violations of our data security policies,” according to an email from management obtained by Bloomberg News. Google confirmed the contents of the email to The Hill but declined to comment further. 

“Our thorough investigation found the individuals were involved in systematic searches for other employees’ materials and work,” the Monday email said. “This includes searching for, accessing, and distributing business information outside the scope of their jobs — repeating this conduct even after they were met with and reminded about our data security policies.”


The memo also said one fired employee obtained access to the calendars of other workers and received notifications on their schedules and whereabouts. Screenshots of the calendars, including the employees' names, were shared externally, according to the memo sent "on behalf of Google’s Security and Investigations Team."

The firings come amid a time of increased tensions between management and staff, and one Google employee reportedly tweeted the workers were fired to avoid internal dissension, according to Bloomberg.

Protests ensued Friday at Google’s San Francisco location because two employees were placed on administrative leave. One of these employees, Rebecca Rivers, tweeted she was fired Monday and confirmed the tweet with Bloomberg. 

Rivers has said her protesting Google's contract with U.S. Customs and Border Protection led to her punishment.