Wisconsin advances bill to legalize ballot selfies

The Wisconsin state Senate approved a bill Tuesday to allow selfies with marked ballots on Election Day.

The state Assembly will next vote on the bill, which would take Wisconsin off of the list of 18 states that bar the display of a completed ballot. The law is seldom enforced.

Supporters of the move argue that many people already post their filled ballots on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

The Wisconsin County Clerk Association, however, is registered against the bill. Clerks argued that this change could lead down a slippery slope and cause employers or unions to start forcing people to prove for whom they voted. 

Colorado reportedly declared it legal to take ballot photos in 2017.

Courts in New Hampshire and Indiana found that laws in those states obstructing ballot selfies were unconstitutional.

In Alaska, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Utah, Vermont and Wisconsin, photos at the ballot box are permissible, but cannot include a picture of a completed ballot.