Adams labels Mica’s Amtrak criticism an ‘election-year stunt’

{mosads}”On page 739 … there is a section about privatizing the food service
functions on Amtrak,” the email continued. “In direct contrast to what
Mica touted at his press conference where he attempted to rebrand
himself as a conservative, his legislation put taxpayers on the hook to
continue a subsidy to the companies who win the concession bid. If their
bid assumes a loss, is accepted, and then actually has a loss, then
taxpayers are on the hook to cover the costs.” 

The $105 billion transportation bill that was approved by Congress has been a constant background in the contentious member-versus-member primary between Adams and Mica. Adams has attacked Mica for his role in passing the bill, labeling the long-time transportation committee chairman a “cheerleader” for President Obama in a recent ad.

Mica has cast the transportation bill as a reform measure that streamlines federal regulation of road and transit projects, and he has used the Amtrak concession report to paint himself as an opponent of wasteful spending. Mica visited a Washington, D.C., McDonald’s
last week to protest the Amtrak food program, arguing that a burger and soda at
the fast food chain only costs $2.

However, a spokeswoman for Adams said Wednesday that Mica was criticizing Amtrak in the final week of their campaign because he is “locked in the primary fight of his political career.”

“Mica is desperately saying anything he can just to get reelected,” Adams spokeswoman Lisa Boothe said in a statement. “However, what comes out of his mouth doesn’t match the actions he has taken. Central Floridians should look no further than his recent Amtrak campaign stunt to spot his election-year rebranding.”
Mica campaign spokesman Alan Byrd told The Hill on Wednesday, “Congressman Mica is not going to respond to any more baseless attacks from the Sandy Adams campaign.”


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