GOP Rep. Reed: Abandon high-speed rail

Reed appeared in his district earlier this week with House Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman John Mica (R-Fla.). Mica has said he supports rail projects generally but not those that are being pushed by President Obama's administration.
Reed told LaHood the rail money could be better spent in other places.
"At a time when our roads, bridges and other transportation infrastructure are deteriorating, our tax dollars would be better spent elsewhere," he wrote. "We simply must make the tough choices necessary to prioritize our limited resources on projects that are essential and have the potential for long-term self-sufficiency.
“Establishing a high-speed rail line in Upstate New York would be disruptive to existing rail freight traffic and is simply not practical or feasible at this time,” Reed concluded.
LaHood has insisted Obama remains committed to the high-speed rail projects despite rejections of federal money from three Republican governors.