Calif. would use Fla. rail money to extend train there

The authority is scheduled to vote on applying for the Florida money Wednesday morning. However, the state began campaigning for it shortly after Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced he would make Florida's money available to other states.

California High-Speed Rail Authority CEO Roelof van Ark made clear then that his state's political leaders support the proposed railway there.

“Many Californians have voiced their support for additional funding to be allocated to our state’s high-speed rail project, including Gov. Brown, Sens. Feinstein and Boxer, members of Congress and the business and labor communities," van Ark said in a statement.

"Additional funding may allow California to extend next year’s construction segment and operate initial high-speed rail passenger service," he continued. "California’s high-speed rail system will be profitable, will attract private investment, and will create tens of thousands of jobs in the state at a time when they are needed most.”

LaHood has said he will accept applications for the rejected Florida rail money until April 4.