GOP spotlights disavowed White House proposal to tax car mileage

“Imagine every time you pull into a gas station not only feeling the pain of the Democrats failed energy plan, but then having the Federal Government inspect your vehicle to administer a mileage tax?” the mailing says.

The NRSC concluded its email to supporters by telling them to “please join us in sending a message to your Senator to reject the Democrat mileage tax.”

The White House last week described the proposal as being dead on arrival and only part of an early working draft of the transportation bill that did not make it out of DoT.

“This is not a bill supported by the administration,” White House spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki said in a statement.

“This was an early working draft proposal that was never formally circulated within the administration, does not take into account the advice of the president’s senior advisers, economic team or Cabinet officials and does not represent the views of the president.”

Polls have shown gas prices being a drag on the president’s approval ratings, even as he has enjoyed a boost in popularity after authorizing the killing of terrorist Osama bin Laden.