United-Continental merger should be complete by the end of the year

However, the union that represents United pilots disagreed that everything was running smoothly with the deal. 

" 'On schedule' are two words Mr. Smisek should avoid in addressing the shareholders regarding this merger," United Master Executive Council of the Air Line Pilots Association chairman Wendy Morse said Thursday in a statement.

The union is upset the airlines have not yet reached a bargaining agreement for both airlines' pilots.

“There is no bigger task in front of United management than reaching agreement with the pilots on a Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement and this task is nowhere near on schedule," Morse said. "Until an agreement is reached, this merger cannot be considered anything close to a success. It’s unfathomable that, more than one year after the announcement of the UAL/CAL merger, the company has not reached agreement with its pilots on a JCBA."