Harry Reid: Sen. Coburn blocking FAA, highway funding bill in Senate


Reid said under Senate rules, the chamber cannot take up the FAA bill until it clears the FEMA bill, though it received both from the House on Tuesday.

Reid said he thought Coburn did not want a vote on the emergency management bill because he thought he would lose.

“That senator says he doesn’t want a vote [on an amendment],” said Reid, without naming Coburn. “He wants to hold the bill up.”

Coburn spokesman John Hart said Wednesday that the senator "makes no apologies for doing everything in his power to force his colleagues to cut wasteful spending instead of inflicting further damage on our economy through unnecessary borrowing.

"Congress’s refusal to live within its means has created an economic disaster and a debt that is now our greatest national security threat," he said.

Hart said Coburn was also opposed to provisions in the transportation bill designed to increase the number of bike paths and trees along roadways.

"The beautification mandate is an indefensible threat against public safety that forces states to prioritize bike paths over bridge repair," he said.