DC taxi drivers join Teamsters union

Washington, D.C., taxi drivers are joining the International Brotherhood of Teamsters union.

Officials with the union announced this week that taxi drivers in the capital city voted to join the Teamsters Local 922 union.

The resulting association will be known as the Washington, D.C., Taxi Operators Association, officials said.


The D.C. taxi association will have more than 6,000 cab drivers, according to the announcement.

Teamsters Local 922 President Ferline Buie said the cab drivers' decision to unionize "shows that taxi drivers in Washington, D.C., are angry and fed up by the lack of communication and input they have regarding the policies that affect their lives every day."

Cab drivers in D.C. have been upset by new rules from city officials requiring them to add credit card machines and repaint their taxis to match a citywide color scheme.

Buie said of the new cab union "we may not win every battle, but we will fight for all the association’s members to make sure their voices are heard.”