FAA chief to discuss drones

FAA chief to discuss drones
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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) chief Michael Huerta is scheduled to discuss the impact of drone use on commercial flights this week.

Huerta will appear at the Aerospace Industries Association's forum on "unnamed aircraft systems," or drones, on Thursday in Washington, D.C.

The association said the FAA chief is will be providing an update on his agency's review of the impact expanded drone use would have on commercial aviation.


The FAA has been studying the possibility of allowing non-military uses of drones, which has been sought by police departments and other legal officials.

The examination of potential commercial drone use has faced criticism from civil liberties groups who argue that they would violate the privacy rights of American citizens.

Congress has ordered the FAA to test the impact of drone use on commercial airline service in six sites around the country.

The agency is required to render a verdict on the possibility of expanding drone use by 2015.