Union sues over DC taxi credit card rules

The union that represents Washington, D.C. cab drivers is suing to delay a requirement from the city that they install credit card machines and new dome lights on their vehicles.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters’ Local 922 union filed the lawsuit in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia on Tuesday.

Union officials said the lawsuit was an effort to stop Washington, D.C. officials from issuing fines to cab drivers that have not complied with the new rules or towing their vehicles.


“The drivers are facing delays in getting the dome lights and the costs are soaring, but the city’s answer has been to tow and impound taxis, which is shattering families throughout the region by taking away their vehicles without due process,” Teamsters Local 922 Ferline Buie said in a statement. “We have demanded a meeting with [Washington, D.C.]Mayor [Vincent] Gray and demanded a moratorium on towing and fines, but the mayor has not acted. As a result, because of this economic emergency, we are seeking relief in the courts.”

D.C. taxi drivers voted to join the Teamsters union last month. The cab drivers have been upset by new rules from city officials that took effect on Oct. 1 requiring them to add credit card machines and electronic dome lights to their taxis and also repaint their vehicles to match a citywide color scheme.