Spirit ad references Toronto mayor's drug use

Spirit ad references Toronto mayor's drug use

The subject of Spirit Airlines latest flight sale email is "We're Not Smoking Crack…"

The attention-grabbing subject line is accompanied by a silhouette of a man who looks like Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who has come under fire in recent weeks for admitting to smoking crack cocaine during his time in office.

"We're not smoking crack…Fly to Toronto (Niagara Falls Airport) and other destinations for $29.00," the advertisement says.

The ad is the latest in a long line of Spirit Airline marketing pitches that reference political events.

The airline offered a 9-9-9 sale during the height of the 2012 Republican presidential primary, when Herman Cain was offering voters a similarly named tax plan.

Spirit also offered a "binder full of sales" after eventual GOP nominee Mitt Romney responded to criticism of his record of hiring female employees in a debate by saying he had a "binder full of women" candidates.