Pro wrestler body slams TSA

A professional wrestler delivered a body slam to the Transportation Security Administration in a video that was released recently by Liberty Political Action Committee, which was founded by former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Ky.).

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) performer Kane, whose real name is Glenn Jacobs, said the idea that the TSA protects the U.S. constitution was a "joke" at the LPAC's 2013 Conference earlier this year.


"Since I just flew in last night and it's fresh on my mind, I thought that I would start with the TSA," Jacobs told the group in a September speech that was posted online this weekend.

"TSA is such low hanging fruit," he continued. "I mean, anybody can bash the TSA.

Jacobs said he was recently forced by TSA agents to give up a souvenir he purchased during a recent trip to Australia.

"In Australia, I brought a balsa wood toy boomerang as a souvenir," he said. "As I'm going back through security at [Los Angeles International Airport], I was informed that I could not bring my balsa wood toy boomerang back on the plane because it was a weapon. So let me get this straight, they sell weapons at the Melbourne International Airport?"

Jacobs added that he also once tried to give a copy of the constitution to a TSA officer.

"I could talk about the time I tried to give a TSA agent a pocket constitution from the Young Americans for Liberty. He had to ask permission from his supervisor to accept it, despite the fact that as a federal agent, he's sworn to uphold the thing," he said. "They always tell you to start your speech with a joke, and the idea that the TSA actually upholds the constitution, that's the best joke I could possibly do, right?"

Jacobs has dabbled in politics before, expressing libertarian views in occasional speeches to conservative groups. He considered challenging Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) in a primary in 2014 earlier this year.