Spirit Air mocks healthcare rollout

Spirit Air mocks healthcare rollout

Spirit Airlines is offering its passengers an "Affordable Fare Act" with this kicker: "If you like your low fare, you can keep your low fare."

The slogan is a dig at President Obama's botched rollout of his controversial healthcare law, which has been plagued by website malfunctions and insurance policy cancellations.

Spirit said it was offering the sale "because our website actually works!"


The Obama administration has come under fire for repeatedly assuring voters that they could keep their healthcare plans if they liked them under the new ObamaCare law.

Republicans have accused the president of knowingly lying to voters, and political observers have made comparisons of the botched healthcare rollout to former President George W. Bush's handling of Hurricane Katrina. 

The Spirit ad is the latest in a string of attempts by Spirit Airlines to garner attention by referencing political debates.

The airline recently reference Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's admitted drug use in an advertisement, saying "We're not smoking crack … Fly to Toronto (Niagara Falls Airport) and other destinations for $29.00."

The airline offered a 9-9-9 sale during the height of the 2012 Republican presidential primary, when Herman Cain was offering voters a similarly named tax plan.

Spirit also offered a "binder full of sales" after eventual GOP nominee Mitt Romney responded to criticism of his record of hiring female employees in a debate by saying he had a "binder full of women" candidates.