Former Bush transportation secretary pushes Obama administration on clean cars

The Washington-based Coalition for Advanced Diesel Cars is working with Mineta on proposals and backing a push to get Congress to consider them as it moves forward with the fuel economy standards that were set by the Obama administration. Republicans in Congress have targeted the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation for the fuel economy standards, arguing that there was a lack of transparency because they were implemented through executive action.

But Mineta said Monday that lawmakers have been receptive to his "technology-neutral" approach.

"They're not aware of what's happening, but when you talk about a level playing field and technology neutrality, they're very much impressed," he said of his meetings with his former colleagues in Congress.

Mineta said current Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has also been open to the proposal.  But LaHood is working under the same constraints Mineta is trying to change, he said.

"In my conversations with Secretary LaHood, he tells me [the General Services Administration] tells me I've got to buy hybrid or electric," Mineta said.

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