Rep. Broun wants to go through TSA books


"While your agency was originally intended to disseminate intelligence information and establish security standards, over the last ten years, it has morphed into a full-time, massive bureaucracy that is larger than the U.S. Departments of Labor, Energy, Education, Housing and Urban Development and State combined," he continued.

Broun said he was responding to an offer Pistole made in an interview Wednesday with Bloomberg News, in which Pistole said critics of the TSA's management were misguided.  

"Those who say that we’re inefficient or bloated -- I’d be glad to sit down and go through the books and say, ’OK, how would you staff this differently?’  Pistole said in the interview.

Broun said in his letter to Pistole that he was "writing to gladly accept your offer to sit down and go through the Transportation Security Administration's records."

"I absolutely agree that your priority at TSA is ensuring the highest level of safety possible for all airline passengers, but I believe you can still accomplish that while making certain the agency is a good steward of taxpayer dollars," he wrote.

"I do not believe the measures you have taken could possibly compensate for the massive growth of TSA over the past decade," Broun said.