Rapper: TSA discovered pot in my bag, left a note — and the drugs

A Transportation Security Administration employee left a note in a rapper's bag after discovering drugs in his checked luggage but did not confiscate the illicit substances, the artist said Friday. 


Rapper Freddie Gibbs sent a message on this Twitter page showing a picture of a bag of what appeared to be marijuana and a note written on a TSA notice of inspection that said "C'mon son." 

Gibbs said he was glad the substance was left in his bag. 

"The TSA found my weed and let me keep it," he wrote in a tweet to his to his 38,611 followers.

"They just left me a note. 'C'mon Son'. Lol," he said. 

Instagram picture from Freddie Gibbs

TSA fired another employee for a separate incident involving a note left in a female passenger's bag that contained a sex toy, according to reports, that said, "get your freak on." 

The agency's list of prohibited items on its website includes sharp objects, sporting goods, guns and firearms, tools, martial arts and self-defense items, explosive and flammable materials, but makes no specific mention of drugs. The list notes, however, that passengers "will be subject to state law."

"It is a passenger’s responsibility to be aware that origination and destination cities may have local laws prohibiting the possession of these items," the TSA website states.

A spokesman for TSA told The Hill that the agency's protocol when it finds illegal items in passenger's luggage is for airport security workers to notify police.

"TSA takes all allegations of inappropriate conduct seriously and is investigating this claim," TSA spokesman Kawika Riley said in a statement. "Should the claims be substantiated, TSA will take appropriate disciplinary steps and refer the alleged possession of an illegal substance to law enforcement."

— This post was updated with new information at 3:28 p.m.