Airline under fire for skimpy uniforms

Airline under fire for skimpy uniforms
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A Japanese airline is being criticized for flight attendant uniforms that have been deemed too revealing, the New York Daily News reports.

The company, Skymark Airlines, is planning to debut new uniforms for its cabin crews in May, according to the report.

The uniforms have already drawn the ire of the union for Japanese flight attendants, the Japan Federation of Cabin Attendants, for being too skimpy. 


“Article 73-3 of the Civil Aeronautics Act states 'prohibition of safety-impeding acts,' which includes sexual harassment,” the union said in a statement, according to the paper.

"The duties of cabin attendants are to prevent these (incidents) beforehand, but we're concerned the design of the uniform might induce such disturbing acts," the Japanese flight attendants’ union statement continued. 

The airline has denied the uniforms are too risque, according to the report.