Newspapers revive interest in bill that would force TSA to donate lost change to military

"While that's small change in government budget terms, Rep. Jeff Miller of Florida wants the money to go to the USO for airport programs that support the military," the editorial continued. "As it stands, unclaimed money goes to the Transportation Security Administration. Giving unclaimed change to the USO, so they can help traveling members of the military, is a good use of a small resource."

The LA Times interviewed the director of the Consumer Travel Alliance, Charlie Leocha, who said that "[a]ny use of the money by TSA seems distasteful."

"It’s not their money," Leocha told the paper in the interview. "In fact, it is money left by harassed passengers and should certainly not go to TSA as a reward for invasive searches."

A spokesman for Miller told The Hill Tuesday that the bill has referred to the House Armed Services Committee, of which Miller is a member, and said the congressman is hopeful the renewed interest will give the measure momentum.