TSA highlights 'top catches' of 2011


The No. 1 item on the TSA list was a small chunk of C4 explosives, which the agency said a passenger in Yuma, Ariz., told screeners he was taking to show his family. Other entries on the TSA list include throwing knives found at Washington's Reagan National Airport, which was number four, and inert land mines discovered at Salt Lake City International Airport, which came in at number seven.

The list also included a student's science project in Omaha, Neb., which was number nine, and the snakes, turtles and birds, which were found at Los Angeles and Miami international airports.

Honorable mention was giving to 240 live fish that were found in checked bags in Los Angeles, and inert grenades that were discovered in a passenger's bag at Liberty International Airport in New Jersey.

Read the full TSA top 10 list here.